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This is my my dad showing Jeremy around his new house and talking in a really high pitched voice to his dog. This was one of the coolest moments of my life. My Dad has changed a lot in the past 7 years, and to seem him going from wanting me to go to college and not approving of what I was doing with my life…. to being 100% supportive and even hanging out with my “tattooed friends”, is a pretty cool thing for me. Cheers to people changing, love ya Dad, and thanks to Jeremy for being a badass. 

that-arabguy said: Wanna snapchat ? x

Sure, mines dianalar0sa


Oli’s smile

Open this pit

Anonymous said: Your a fuckin whore and u wonder why guys send u creepy messages, stop sleepin around u fuckin skank

I’ve only had sex with two people and those two people I dated. So please go on about how I “sleep around” lmfao please, go on.

nailpailish said: I apologize on behalf of all the men that send you sexual asks. I see it all the time on my dash and it's so rude of guys to just think they have the right to do that. I'm not sure what your feelings are on it but I just feel for you, man.

Thanks, I’m sadly used to it

Anonymous said: can i?

Sure unless you wanna get blocked

Anonymous said: i want to send you a snap chat of my penis



A Day To Remember by Matt Vogel on Flickr.

You Me At Six by danamansbartphoto on Flickr.